CHANG - a.k.a. General Chang The Elder :

Informations derived through personal investigation lead to the suggestion that
this artist is direct ancestor of the legendary General Chang, best known for his
several successfull strikes against the Romulan and the Federational Starfleet.
His musical ambitions prove that Klingonian music is most underrated
and should become honored more than it is currently.

QoQ jan (instruments) :
bom (vocals)
HurDagh (guitar)

B - a.k.a. Mr.B :

Most notably the finest example for Klingonian programming skills, B seems to
become one with his electronical devices. He is hardly enrageable, but once You
succeeded in waking his anger, You should be aware of getting into serious danger.
Hopefully one day even his rhythmic abilities and his sense for
beats, peeps and pings get even.

QoQ jan (instruments) :
DIr'In (drum)
Dov'agh (flute)